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[sticky post] May. 19th, 2012

This is the writing journal of theoryoferin. Anything fiction is friends locked to preserve first publishing rights. Please, feel free to join and read / comment. Provided theoryoferin knows you from somewhere, she will approve your membership as soon as she sees it. If you're concerned about not getting approved, comment here and make note of how you know theoryoferin.

If you're here from runaway_tales, my RaTs main index can be found here, and the main index for my RaTs universe on this journal -- which includes notes, ramblings, covers, soundtracks, and other fun stuff related to the series -- can be found here.

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100 Drabbles of Summer.

RaTs Boston Prompt Index

Last Update: 26 May 2012 | Total: 15 Tales

QWN Main Characters: Jordan, Lizzie | Hot Fudge: ?
TCS Main Characters: Rhys, Sami | Hot Fudge: ?
RtAS Main Characters: Rhys | Hot Fudge: ?

Quiet Winter Nights in the Big CityCollapse )

The City SteamingCollapse )

Remembering the Autumn SunriseCollapse )

** = not in novel, but still considered "canon."
= nominated for a 2009 Golden Cone Award.
= 2009 Author's Choice Golden Cone [my personal favorite piece]
= Smut Piece [adult locked; must be 18+ to read]

Weekly Wrap-Up #2

This is the second chunk of new pieces that I've posted that you might be interested in reading... Again, separated chronologically by canon, not posting order.

Sky of Dust
Sea Salt #05; Dew: Alex and Kyle sneak out early in the morning to dig for worms.

Sea Salt #09; Steam: Rhys going into Boston for his college interviews.

Sea Salt #07; Ripple: Alex / Kyle pocky chain from right before Caroline adopts Tina and Tammy moves in as the nanny.

Sea Salt #01; Ocean / Sea: Meet Cali!

Static Lightning Skies
Sea Salt #04; Current: Lindsey goes against her parents' wishes, dates Aaron, and misses him.

Amaretto #11; On Display: Aaron invites Lindsey up on stage during one of his shows.

Sea Salt #12; Spray / Mist: It starts raining during the Houston show.

Sea Salt #11; Freeze/Thaw: Lindsey finally decides to let Aaron inside after they fight.

Futher than a Neon Sky
Sea Salt #08; Foam: Colin and Erika enjoy a quiet moment together in the coffee shop.

Quiet Winter Nights
Sea Salt #10; Ice: Jordan talks to a small child whose brother has broken his arm.

Sea Salt #06; Trickle: Jordan tries to fall asleep in the hospital after the blizzard.

** NOTE ** All pieces are members' locked to the community runaway_tales.

Weekly Wrap-Up #1

I've decided to get back into RaTs again, which means that I'm back to posting fiction regularly. I know I have a few friends who read my stuff on the comm, but don't follow it completely, so I thought that to help you guys out [and to keep better track of things for myself], I would start posting a list of things I've posted there each Saturday, as well as updating my multiple chronological indexes on this LJ at the same time.

So, without further adieu, here's the update of RaTs that I've put up this week recently! [Separated by canon and listed how they would chronologically appear, not in the order they were posted.]

Sky of Dust
Cheezburger #2; n00b: The fateful day when Alex and Kyle first meet.

Amaretto #18; Bull's-Eye: Jimi and Tammy talk a little about their situation after reuniting by [mostly] chance several years after "breaking up."

Static Lightning Skies
Amaretto #23; Drumroll: Aaron offers to bring Lindsey, Erika, and Ryan to Florida on vacation as an excuse to spend time with Lindsey. The girls accept the invitation, but Ryan chickens out, sending the two of them off on their own.

Amaretto #1; Crystal Clear: Almost the very end of the actual SLS Novel. Aaron comes to make amends with Lindsey, and she continues to be stubborn and not even bother hearing his side of the story.

Amaretto #29; A Technicality: The ending to Erika and Colin's night at Senior Prom.

** NOTE ** All pieces are members' locked to the community runaway_tales.
Well, obviously I haven't kept up with the blogging circle as well as I should have been. But, whatever. I'll be that casual asshat that pops in every now and then and then you forget about otherwise. Yup. That's me. But with a topic like SUDS, I had to come back and do this one.

I started writing Sky of Dust [now Sky of Light] back in 2007. At that point, I thought it was just going to be one book full of fluffy romance and all the fun stuff that was floating around in my head. Turns out, it's so much more than that. Now, it is the biggest project I have ever taken on. Ever. Even outside of fiction, but definitely within it. What started out, almost five years ago now, as a single book, has now grown to a non-linear series of fifteen books with plot, a ton of companion stuff that is connected and important, but not necessarily a book itself [but maybe? that's also a possibility], and two CDs [yes, like, audio albums] to go along with the already large amount of books.

Pretty much, I am insane. But I love it. A lot.

My personal SUDS [which I like a lot better than non-linear series, which is what I'd been using] is called Lazy Tequila Afternoons and the thing that ties all of the books together is the characters. And with some of them, also the settings, but I have four different main settings for the books: Europe [just outside of Paris, and London]; Boston, Massachusetts; Raymond, Mississippi; and Orlando, Florida and there are at least three books set in each of the areas, [4 in Europe, 3 in Boston, 3 in Raymond, 5 in Orlando], but eventually, all of the characters end up connected in one way or another. Either through cameo walk-on roles during parties that they stumble upon, or by marriage, or by drunken bar hopping... Among other things. There is one point in all of their lives that they are at the very least aware of every single other main character in every one of the books. It's actually kind of impressive [and nearly impossible to keep track of!] if I may say so myself.

Even the ages are different. There's a split of two separate age groups: the mid-20's group and then the 18-20 group, but because of siblings and sexcapades, they end up intermingling anyway. It's fairly complex but it's so great to figure out how everything works together and which intricate details to lace throughout.

That, actually, is my favorite part about SUDS: getting to be picky about which details to mention again and which pieces of the other stories to bring back in other novels. Yeah.

In short, SUDS are awesome. :D

If you're interested in seeing some of the insanity, just click on the LTA tag on this post. It'll show you some of the stuff. [Some is protected, a lot is just not online.]

WriYe Blogging Circle #1: On Characters

WriYe people are awesome. We're always encouraging others and trying new things and jumping in head first into new projects. Like this one. This year, we've started a blog circle. Which I am a part of. And every Wednesday there's going to be a new topic -- which, yes, people of the interwebz, means that I am officially committed to posting here at least once a week this year. I know. We'll see how long I last... Well, this started last week. What's tomorrow? Wednesday. Awesome.

So, here I am... Late to the party because of work, per usual. But, you know... Someone's gotta be last, why the hell not let it be me.

This week's topic is Characters, specifically their development. And, in reading everyone's, I've learned that I... Am weird in this regard? I know, it was a shocker to me, too. [Yeah, not really. I'm usually the weird one...] There was a lot of mention of asking questions and filling out "questionnaires" / character sheets. I so rarely do that sort of thing with my characters until after the novel is done. So much so, in fact, that I consider those to be more of an editing and revising tool than a world-building one.

Yeah. I told you I was the weird one.

But, Erin? How do you get to know who you're writing about without figuring out their favorite ice cream flavor!!!? You may be asking. And I've found that the best way for me to get a fully-developed character is to sit down and throw them into a situation and just write. Dump them in a broken down car in the middle of a big city that they're unfamiliar with. Do they jump out and ask anyone who happens to be around for help? Are they prepared and call the mechanics, staying locked up in the car, terrified for their life? Do they crawl under the hood and knock a few things around, coming back up messy as all get out, but with a working vehicle? Those are the sorts of situational things that you can just figure out while they're happening. For me, writing these random little blurbs is way more effective than filling out a MySpace Style Survey with a million irrelevant questions. Reactions speak so loudly to a character's... Er, character than their favorite color or what their bedtime routine is.

Granted, I do usually plan out a few things beforehand. Like, hair and eye color. Approximate height and body structure. Where they are from and where they live now. And that's about it. Well, and a name. I can't jump in without a name for a main character. Minors? Sure. They get placeholders like [OLD GRUMPFACE] or [UGLY LOSER] or [HOT TEACHER MAN]. But not the focal point. No; they need a name to grow into. And sometimes the name doesn't work. I'm not opposed to changing it. Ever. Sometimes six or seven times before I'm happy with the way the personality and the name fit. BUT. I am not one of those writers that spend hours looking up obscure names with ~special meanings on baby name sites, either. There's nothing wrong with the people that do that... It's just not me.

Something else I do, is I leave my dossier open [or at least accessible] while I'm working on those pieces, or even whilst working on the novel itself, because sometimes there's a random little detail that comes out that I want to make note of. Like "tugs on shirt hem when nervous" or "has two little sisters who he adores" or anything like that. Stuff that I want to make sure I keep consistent, but maybe didn't make mention to before... Or glossed over an opportunity to use said information previously.

Really, getting to know characters for me is less of a science and more of a social experiment. I treat getting to know them like I would getting to know a new coworker or classmate. I take them out for a spin and see if they work with me [or, in the case of characters, with the other fictional people in the book that they're starring in] and then make adjustments accordingly. Maybe they aren't interesting enough to be a main character. Okay, let's move on. Maybe they're not the heterosexual pretty boy that I thought they were. Okay, give him a nice boyfriend to make him happy.

For me, characters are what make or break the novel... The trick to making it work is letting them become real people on a page. Without that life, your book is never going to resonate and make the connections that you want it to.

On NaNo 2011 and My Reward List.

Hmm, normally I have myself a shiny new, updated NaNo icon for this post, but meh. I'm so over the OLL in general [but that's a rant for another time, lol] that I just don't want to be bothered finding one. So, enjoy my seasonal fall leaves and let's talk about NaNo?

I know that I'm behind with this post, but whatever. It's been a weird month for me. I spent a lot of it not knowing whether I was coming or going IRL, so fiction writing sadly took the backseat because of that. It's not like that's really hurt me much this month, though, considering that I'm already up to about 22k and it's just barely an hour into day 5. Yeah, pretty pleased with that.

However, I'd like to point out that I'm not actually writing a novel this year. Yeah, yeah. Rebelling and whatever, whatever. You'll get over it.

So, what am I doing, if it's not a novel? Well, mostly, it's centering around runaway_tales this month. I'm trying to flesh out the relationship between Kyle and Alex throughout the entire series using the Challenge of the Month, so that's 15 pieces that will be posted this month about the two of them from anywhere between when they first met to when they do [inevitably] breakup. So far, I've posted two of those pieces [here and here, if you're members of the comm and want to read], and have written five. That one, while fiction and telling a story with a definite plot, is more of a character study than anything.

However, the second project I'm working on is based of an AU from RaTs that started as a single Malt game: What If... Your characters were sucked into a video game. [My four characters were Alex, Rhys, Jordan, and Tabitha] For some reason, I took that idea and ran with it. Now I've started writing out this in depth plot and have even started developing the real game version of it. Thus, the second project for NaNo, is figuring out that game and working out all of the plot intricacies. It's been fun, but also frustrating with all the cross referencing back to LSB for details of order, the map I made last month, and RPG Maker for the layouts of towns and stuff that I'd been working on all throughout September and October.

And... Well, that's that. I've been posting that over on RaTs, too, so check those out if you'd like. They'll all be linked in my index once the month is over [or potentially at the end of every week, excluding this one in which my Sunday involves FINALLY MOVING].

But, something that I always try to do with NaNo is set insane goals and then reward myself for them. This year, I sort of forgot to set up any rewards, but still managed my 200k insane goal. Soooo, here's my every-25k-reward-chart for 2011:

025,000 Words: $10 junk food shopping spree [ie - a bag of frosted animal crackers, a bag of jellybeans, and a green & black bar]
050,000 Words: The damn NaNo Hoodie that I've been pining after for years now.
075,000 Words: Clothes shopping spree! [One full outfit, plus accessories, and including shoes, if they're $25 or less]
100,000 Words: $50 Amazon Shopping Spree
125,000 Words: New Wii Game
150,000 Words: Clothes spree, take two! [two full outfits, etc.]
175,000 Words: $100 Amazon / FYE Shopping Spree
200,000 Words: New iPod :D

We'll see how much of that gets accomplished this year! [Note: I am aware that I'll be hitting 25k in a few hours. I also intend to go out and buy those things this weekend. So, hush.]

Writer's Block: Desert island

List three books that have changed your life:

Appropriate post to make to the writing comm just for kicks and giggles, right? Anyway, I don't normally do these "writer's block" things, but this one definitely called to me and I thought it was about time to answer one. Though, WTF @ the title? Desert Island? Not quite...

Not the point.

Three books that have changed my life. The first two were easy... The third one, I'm still not completely sure on, but I think the answer makes perfect sense. Enough rambling, onward with the answer.

1. Bag of Bones by Stephen King.
I am an avid fan of King and by the time I got to reading Bag of Bones I had already read at least 5 of his books -- which, considering I read BoB at 16 is fairly significant, I think -- and, while I had enjoyed them, I didn't really feel a connection with any of the books or characters. When I read Bag of Bones, though, I really did connect. I felt like I was really there with the characters; it was the first book that made me honestly cry. And I loved that. But, at the same time, I felt like the book wasn't perfect. Which made it even more accessible to me, as a writer. I could find places where the text / prose wasn't pretty or fine tuned as much as maybe it should have been. I noticed places where a hole might have just narrowly been covered up by an editor just before printing... It was flawed and to me, that made it perfect. It told me that I really could do something like that, and it inspired me to really start writing full force again.

2. Looking for Alaska by John Green.
Much on the same level, Looking for Alaska was a book that I found myself becoming a part of and actually living alongside the characters in Culver Creek, like John Green intended. And, also like BoB, it made me cry. But not just cry; it made me sob for hours straight. In the middle of the night. Before working an eighteen hour shift the next day. Because I honestly couldn't put the book down. I tried. I really did. Twice. But every time, I would roll over and turn the light off, only to turn it back on within five minutes because I just NEEDED to know what happened next. But the way it changed my life? It led me to Nerdfighteria back in 2007. Before Accio Deathly Hallows [though, that was when I really started becoming active] and because of that, I've met some of my closer friends and had so many amazing experiences with Cons and Gatherings and the Internet. It's all because of Looking for Alaska that I am who I am now.

3. Milestone: A Compendium of AugNoWriMo 2009 Short Stories by... AugNo?
I feel very egotistical with this one, considering my short is in it and I put the thing together... But, seriously. The short story collection is what really sets AugNo apart from the other WriMos and what brings people back time and time again. I think the collection was part of the reason participation was so huge two years ago and it's something that has really made me appreciate the WriMo world more than before. And I love it.

[And, if you're interested in purchasing any of them: 2009, 2010, and 2011]

30 Days Writing Meme

So, this meme is something that’s been going around my flist again recently... And it went around once before. I never got around to doing it ‘cos I’m terrible at posting once daily for thirty days. But this one is all about writing and all of the questions are super related, so I thought it would make more cohesive sense to post it all at once, plus then I don’t have to remember to post one a day. So, without further adieu, here is the 30 day writing meme.

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