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NaNo MeMe!

Working Title: To My Beloved Ex Boyfriend... / Of Earthworms and Idiots
Genre: Chick Lit / Harry Potter Fanfiction
Projected Word Count: Total ~100k - 150k

Have an outline? I have what is going to be the only outline for TMBEB, which is the list of the 26 guys that will have blog posts about them. I still need to get to outlining OEaI [lulz, all vowel acronym FTW!], but I will have at least a vague one.
Scene-by-scene? Sort of? TMBEB isn't going to have scenes, really, since it's a nontraditional format, but OEaI will be at least chapter-by-chapter, if not scene-by-scene.
Know how it starts? TMBEB: With an introduction blog post about the narrator and her new blog. OEaI: With Severus waking up in St. Mungo's.
Know how it ends? No. For both. I've never read a novel written entirely of blog posts before, so I don't know how to end it [note: research today whilst at the library!] and the only thing I know about the ending to OEaI is that it will be happy. [:
Have your climax in order? TMBEB: Some of them. I'm cheating a little and basing some of the exes on my own. Well, okay. All of them will be based off of boys that were once in my life, but the situations are what are going to be semi RL based. Each blog will have a climax and I want to say I have about half of them worked out right now. OEaI: Not a clue.
Know your main characters yet? TMBEB: As much as I'll need to. She's a snarky, bitter, 20-something with a blog and a reason to throw her experiences out into the world for everyone to see. OEaI: Very well. I'm using one of my RP characters as the FMC and Snape is practically my BFF.
Plan to draw on your own experiences? I think I admitted that above. ;]

Funny? TMBEB: Yes. I hope so anyway. I'm not usually terribly good with that, but it's legit a rom-com, so I'm hoping that it'll at least make people chuckle a bit, if nothing else. OEaI: No, not so much. More serious and ~romance-filled.
Serious? TMBEB: No, definitely nothing serious in this one. OEaI: As much as HP Fic can be.
Sad? TMBEB Maybe a little bit? More bittersweet than actually sad, though. OEaI: Oh, God. Yes. There will be angst of the greatest variety.
Semi-Autobiographical? TMBEB: Somewhat? More based off RL than about what actually happened, though. OEaI: Though I have been to Hogwarts, I haven't attended yet... And especially not while Harry was there, fighting the Dark War.
Based on another story? TMBEB: Absolutely not. OEaI: Harry Potter <3 [It's a post-DH book]

A paper journal? Nah, for this one it's been all electronic. Some on the iPhone, but most on the computer.
Multicolored pens? Nope.
A computer? Indeed!
Index cards? Nah.
Bulleted lists? Numbered list, yes. Numbered by numbers and letters of the alphabet. :D
Plot Charts? Not yet, but there will very likely [read: hopefully] be one for OEaI
Character Charts? Not this year; they're unnecessary.
Character formulas? ...
Favorite writing resource?: Liquid Story Binder, and my books. Oh, goodness I love my books. And they will be back to me soooooon! During NaNo, no less!

A line you would like to use: TMBEB: "Turns out, acting doesn't pay the bills... And neither do boyfriends." OEaI: "It was worse than death, this; knowing that somewhere out there that boy knew it all."
A scene you would like to include: TMBEB: This doesn't really have scenes, but something that I'm planning to include... A fake teacher romance. Just for shits and giggles. OEaI: There will be a scene with earthworms to make the title make sense. I have it in my head already. [[:
A concept you would like to explore: First person, blog-writing in a novel is one that I am exploring that I've always wanted to.
A cliché you would like to avoid: Screwing with HP Canon just because it's post-novel and could be AU [in fact, I'm about 80% sure that it IS AU, but I have no real proof of such].
A character you would like to use: I'm using my favorite already. <3 Snape.

Do you expect to be able to complete it? TMBEB: Yes. In fact, if I don't, I'll be pretty peeved. OEaI: It's possible.
Do you intend to complete it? If I don't finish in November, they will hopefully both be finished in December. I hope.
Would you ever try to publish it? Nah, not these two. I'm actually considering using TMBEB as a free download on my website. Maybe bundled with the purchase of my book? Maybe just posted for reading pleasure. OEaI is going up on fanfiction.net as fast as I can write it.
What do you expect to get out of this month of frantic writing? Two completed manuscripts of "practice words," and a chance to meet a few of my internet friends in person!


Oct. 10th, 2010 11:59 pm (UTC)
snape is my fave! :D