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RaTs Main Index / Statistics

[author] erin
Total Tales: 262
Last Update: 27 May 2012
Europe: Includes the Sky of... trio and the ...Bluebell Fields duet. 

The South: Includes Barefoot BluesDistant Thunder Slow DanceAcross the Azure SkySpringtime in the FallStatic Lightning SkiesFarther than a Neon SkyAnother Summer's Promise, and Through Stormy Nights and Cloudy Days.

New England: Includes Quiet Winter Nights in the Big CityThe City Steaming, and Remembering the Autumn Sunrise 

Crossovers: Any mix of the fourteen canons that are included in the Lazy Tequila Afternoons universe.

Fudge Ripple 16/30   Amaretto 18/30    Prickly Pear 15/30   Teaberry 02/30   Cheezburger 06/15 

Butterscotch: 1   Caramel: 4   Cherry : 19   Chopped Nuts : 68   Hot Fudge :   Sprinkles : 82    Whipped Cream : 21  Cookie Crumbs : 4   Gummy Bunnies : 1

Pocky : 48   Brownie : 24   Root Beer Float : 1   Malt : 27   Flavor of the Day : 12   Smoothies : 4  Pocky Chain : 5  Fresh Strawberries: 1

ChocolateVanillaStrawberryPiña ColadaButter PecanMargaritaCherry Chocolate Chip,  Chocolate Chip Mint, Strawberry Cheesecake, Iced Tea, Peanut Butter, Sea Salt

Whipped Cream,  Sprinkles,  Cherry,  Chopped Nuts
Flavor of the Day

Bonus Challenges
Neapolitan, Brownie "Sundae"
Binges: Red Velvet

Flavors of the Month
Peanut Butter [September 2011]
Sea Salt [April 2012]